• Membership

We invite all young professionals in the Triangle to join by donating .5% of their salary to the Longleaf Collective each year. The long-term goal will be for members to increase their donation in future years to 1%.

Membership shall be open to all who are committed to our shared mission and vision. While we are formed as a resource to and a philanthropic outlet for young professionals, typically between 18 and 40 years of age, we will welcome anyone in the Triangle who is dedicated to our mission and wants to get involved.

No formal process shall exist to hold members accountable for the requested portion of annual income. In other words, we operate on the honor system; no one in the collective will be investigating tax records to verify whether members have donated .5% of their salaries. We set this percentage as a springboard for members to calculate their annual pledges. However, in order to be a voting member of the collective, each individual shall be asked to make a donation of at least $100. All donations will be made to the Triangle Community Foundation and will be tax deductible.

In addition to donated funds, members shall be asked to pay a yearly nominal membership fee (not to exceed $50) to cover basic operating expenses of the organization. The membership fee will be set by the executive committee based on a budget approved by a majority vote of the membership. This fee is not part of the member’s charitable donation and is not tax-deductible.

Beyond fiduciary responsibility, there is no membership participation requirement to remain in good standing with the organization. However, we encourage all members to be involved in the grantmaking, service, and programming of the collective through the giving of their time, talents, and energies. At times in which a vote is required by the collective membership, a voting eligibility report will be run by all members who have donated at least $100 within the past year.

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